eysysla_lauluvaljak_2013The Chamber Choir EYSYSLA represents the small town of Kuressaare which is situated on Saaremaa, the biggest island in Estonia.

The choir was founded in 1988 by “The Singing Revolution”-inspired enthusiastic young people. The name EYSYSLA is the oldest known name for the island Saaremaa and comes from ancient Scandinavian sagas.

The choir’s repertoire has been very diverse over time – patriotic and mood lifting chorus from the first era of Estonian awakening; classical music and folk songs of Estonia and other countries; modern compositions; sacred choral music and masterpieces. Concert-tours have taken the choir to Finland, Sweden, Poland and Germany and all over Estonia and Saaremaa of course.

Heart-warming singing has been received warmly in all of these places. The choir also collaborates with other choirs from Saaremaa with great joy. Vivaldi’s “Gloria” has taken us to Germany, where together with the choirs Lyra and Helin from Kuressaare and the youth orchestra from Arensburg was performed.

The choir celebrates its 25th birthday in 2013. It’s not such an impressive age, but enough for the choir to be well known and respected in Kuressaare and throughout Saaremaa. The choir and its conductor Veikko Lehto are an indivisible whole, because one would not be without the other. Conducting the choir cannot be done in any other way, and the utmost reward for this is breath taking and harmonious song.

The choir has approximately 25 singers.

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Veikko Lehto
+ 372 502 3827

Choir Head

Sirje Ellermaa
+372 512 7899